Class of 84

Class Of 84 shows the bonds of friendship.The story is about 7 friends who reunite on the death of the eighth friend . Watch out the emotions that flow out.


Class Of  84

Cast of Class of 84

Is a roller coaster ride about friendship, filled with pathos and mad humor. Taking Place in October 2002, The Class of 84 play  is set in the Kashid Beach home of Raveena and Sanjay Mehra, over one long and emotional evening. Seven friends, who were a tightly knit group, in St. Xavier’s College, from 1979 To 1984, have gathered in Bombay, because of the death of an eighth, Jojo. Jojo was the leader of the group. This was a group that hung around the Xavier’s Canteen, discussing how to change the world, over endless cups of chai. The friends have been invited to the Mehra home for dinner after the funeral. Apart From bored housewife, Ravenna and her workaholic Banker husband, Sanjay, there is Raghu, an angry, out Of work filmmaker, Bobby, a TV serial actor, Cyrus, a Rich hippie, Fuzzy, paranoid about her biological Clock and obsessed with Feng Shui, and Sarah, a bitchy Gossip columnist.

These seven haven’t actually met as a group in seventeen years. Even individually the meetings have been sporadic. But the affection hasn’t died. Class Of 84 starts off innocently enough, as Raveena, the plays protagonist, introduces the audience briefly to each one of them. The first half of Class Of 84  is gentle banter, and affectionate nostalgia. But lurking below the surface are old conflicts, unresolved issues, unconsummated romances and unhealed scars. As the evening wears on, the layers begin to gradually start peeling away. We realize that each person has been affected by Jojo in various ways. Also each person has some part of their personality, which they choose to hide. Can the seven Friends renew old ties? Can they accept each other’s personality flaws? But most of all will old skeletons fall unwittingly out of the cupboard? All this is revealed as the seven friends seek to find out the real cause of their friend’s death, which they realize isn’t as clear-cut as it first seemed.


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